The need for new approaches and sustainable, environmentally responsible healthcare solutions
Contamination endangers lives. MRSA may be the most severe issue we are currently faced with in modern healthcare as strains become resistant against antibiotics. Personal health is a major concern for everyone, patients as well as the front line personnel in any hospital or retirement home. In addition, the protection of our environment is now paramount. Utilising heavy chemicals not only harms mother nature, but also poses risks to our health and has now proven to be no longer suitable as germs develop resistance against them.

Xeralife solution
Xeralife is an organic decontaminator. It captures and decomposes germs, mold, fungus, algae as well as odors and Volatile Organic Compound. No organic matter escapes it. It is non soluble, works without a catalyst, also performs in semi dry environments and has a continuous long lasting effect.

Xeralife protects and saves lives, improves our health and wellbeing while neither polluting our environment nor causing new strains of drug resistant germs to emerge. It is composed of natural ingredients and it has proven highly effective for air-borne, water based, in textiles and on solid surfaces.

Environmentally responsible healthcare protection is of importance to us. Reducing the amount of disinfectant through the use of Xeralife solution for total environmentally responsible healthcare and the control thereof, is our upmost contribution and mission.