Decontaminator Paint
Xeralife Surface Decontaminator Paint reduces indoor odors, eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds – know to cause Sick House syndrome, as well as diminishes airborne germs, molds and fungi.

Xeralife paints have been certified and registered by the Japanese Paint Manufacturers Association for lowest level formaldehyde formation.

Xeralife paints are an acrylic emulsion. The active ingredients in the paint are certified as food additive.

Xeralife Surface Decontaminator Paint system

  • Xeralife paint system is a two step process:
    • Intermediate coat paint to cover the surface area and create a foundation for the final coat
    • Final coat paint to optimize the anti-odor and germicide ingredients in the paint

User instructions

  • Ensure surface area to be painted is clean and free of oil
  • Agitate the intermediate paint and apply preferably with Xeralife roller, coating the full surface area generously
  • Let dry for a minimum of 2 hours
  • Agitate the final paint and apply by Xeralife roller on top of the intermediate coat. Note: Xeralife’s paint roller will optimize the thickness of the final coat


  • Both the intermediate and the final coat can be thinned with up to 10% water or acrylic paint
  • As Xeralife paint is white, acrylic based paint can be used to add color. Note: as the amount of color paint that can be added is limited to less than 10% of the total, only muted, pastel colors are achievable.


The Xeralife Surface Decontaminator Paints can be applied to walls and ceilings. Their range of applications is vast and includes:

  • Public buildings:
    • Hospital, nursing homes: patients’ rooms, medical offices, operating theaters, waiting rooms, common rooms
    • Schools, day care centers, Universities
    • General buildings: toilets, corridors, eating areas
  • Home:
    • Kitchen, hallways, dining & living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms


  • If Xeralife paint is diluted by more than 10%, the product effectiveness will diminish
  • The top coat cannot be covered with a varnish or wax – otherwise the germicidal and odor eliminating effects of the paint will be negated

Test results

  • Bacterial test conducted using film adherence method

Two identical boards were used in the test. One was painted using Xeralife Paint. The other was left untreated. Both boards were then covered with MRSA (antibiotic resistant bacteria). A measurement of bacteria count was made at the beginning of the test. After 24 hours, both boards were retested. The results are shown
Bacteria used in test: MRSA (antibiotic resistant bacteria)

Odor test using gas concentration measurement