Decontaminator Curtains
Xeralife Decontaminator Curtains are tailor-made for the use in hospitals as a separator between patients. It is also applicable at clinics, nursing & personal care facilities, schools, and even in buses, trains, and on board of ships. It has been tested by a third party laboratory to be effective against bacteria. Additional the material itself is anti-flammable.

With Xeralife solution, the fabric will capture and decompose germs thereby preventing pathogen cross-contamination. It also eliminates odours.

Xeralife solution attacks germ cell walls. As such, viruses and bacteria are not able to build-up resistance. Also, once decomposition is complete, only carbon dioxide and water are released into the environment.


  1. Decomposes bacteria, viruses and eliminates odor effectively.
  2. Anti-Flammable
  3. Anti-Static - to prevent dust and foreign particles to stick on the surface.
  4. Water repellent fabric, oil resistant. Non-halogen material, safe to use.
  5. Can be washed on household washing machine.

Summary of Independent Laboratory Test

Test Flammability
Test Ref Fire Defense Law under the act of Ministry of Public
Laboratory Tokai Business Office Ichinomiya Experimental Laboratory

Test Antibacterial
Test Method JIS L 1902 Fungus liquid absorption method
Test Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538P
Washing Method Hot acceleration washing method (JAFET standard detergent)
Laboratory Japan Chemical Fibers Association, Biological Examination Center