Mini Water Decontaminator System

The Xeralife Mini Water Decontaminator System is perfect for applications where small amounts of water need to be decontaminated. Perfectly suited for home use, the system can be used for small ponds, or to clean water for industrial applications where it matters. Easy to install and maintain.


Size 130mm (W)× 380mm (H)
Weight 3.3 kg
Power AC 100 V
Specifications Water pressure Below 0.3MPa
Temperature  5~65℃
Plug size    Rc3/4
Water flow   Max. 20 L/min
Controlled water Max. 100L
UV lamp power usage 15W

Note: Specifications may change without prior notice for product improvement


Low-cost solution

  • Suitable for up to 600 liters of water in a single water tank

Anti-microbial Capability

  • High efficiency of bacterial decomposition through the use of Mini Water Decontaminator System in combination with a UV lamp

Safe for humans and the environment

  • The main material used for Xeralife solution is ceramic. Unlike chemicals, ceramics are not water soluble, but show high efficiency of decontamination. Ceramics are environmental friendly and it will not corrode the piping system.


  • Water disinfectant
  • Algae and moss control
  • Plating liquid cleaning
  • Small ponds
  • Drinking water and washing water cleaning
  • Rain water cleaning
  • Plantation water cleaning
  • Water tub cleaning